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  • Adhere to the tenet of “behave indomitably, work steadfastly”

      Zibo Dingtian Plastics Co., Ltd. is located in Zichuan District, Zibo City known as the hometown of Pu Songling (“the king of short stories in the world”), adjacent to Jiqing Highway to the north, tightly close to National Road 205, connected to Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway to the west, enjoying a unique location as well as convenient and fast transportation.

    2020-03-03 05:01:00
  • Application of PVC plastics in blow molding process

      Core Tip: the so-called blow molding blow molding process, a method for producing hollow plastic products, often referred to as blow molding. In this way, not only is possible to manufacture bottles, containers and toys, but also

    2020-03-03 05:00:43
  • Differences between PVC material and PU material

    Many people do not know, in the end PVC material with PU material, what kind of difference.

    2020-03-03 04:58:42